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When the planning starts...

What do guests remember the most from a wedding, the dress and the cake, therefore the wedding cake is one of the most important decisions when planning a wedding. It takes our artisan decorators a lot of time to create your special memory. In order to be able to plan accordingly, we ask that you help us plan ahead. We suggest you make an appointment at least four months before your wedding and that you place your order around two months before the event. This will ensure that everyone will have enough time to give your wedding the cake it deserves.

Your Wedding Consultation

We request you to make an appointment with one of our qualified wedding cake specialists. We allot enough time to discuss all aspects of your cake. Please bring any pictures of cakes, other inspirations, and of course samples of the colors you may have already picked for the wedding. If you are planning to supply your own ornament, please be sure to bring it to your appointment as well. We offer wedding cake tastings for a moderate fee. These appointments must be booked at least one week in advance.

Payment and Delivery

We require a down payment of 20% on every wedding cake order. The balance has to be paid in full two weeks before the cake is picked up or delivered. On deliveries, please be sure to give us the address and exact directions to the reception venue. Your cake will be delivered in our specially outfitted delivery van to ensure it gets there without damage.


Traditional Southern Buttercream - This is a classic buttercream, made with fresh creamery butter and Louisiana Cane Sugar. It is rich, creamy, smooth and melts on the tongue. It can be tinted to match any color you can visualize. Because of its versatility, additional ingredients can be blended in, such as white or dark chocolate; fresh citrus juices/zest; liqueurs; mocha; caramel; praline; or other flavor combinations you may desire.

Rolled Buttercream - This icing combines the rich flavor of traditional buttercream with the smooth, seamless appearance of fondant. Its satin like finish lends itself well to modern cake designs while giving the contemporary bride additional flavor options. While it allows for most traditional designs, its versatility does not reach that of fondant.

European Fondant - European fondant is rolled out very thin with a rolling pin and then draped over the cake (which is covered in a thin layer of buttercream) and molded into shape. It looks very smooth and seamless, and is popular on modern cakes due to its versatility. Fondant can be embossed, tinted, painted, shaped, and carved. It can be decorated with gum paste, marzipan (Italian almond paste) or buttercream. Because fondant is not rich like buttercream, it is recommended to use a flavorful cake and/or filling; such as Italian Cream and Raspberry. It does not need refrigeration and holds up well in the South’s heat.

Ganache - This icing is a blend of melted chocolate, heavy cream, and sweet creamery butter. Sometimes known as truffle, ganache, can be poured over a cake as a glaze or used as a filling between layers. It can't handle humidity or heat well, therefore outdoor venues in mid to late summer should be avoided.

Royal Icing - Made from a mixture of confectioner's sugar and egg whites, this shiny, hard icing is the type you may often see on gingerbread men. On wedding cakes, it is normally used to create latticework, dots and other decorations.

Gumpaste - A blend of starches and sugar. Gumpaste is utilized to create realistic flowers and other decorations. Although gumpaste flowers/decorations are edible, they can also be saved and displayed for the enjoyment of future generations. Please allow extra time for our artists to create gumpaste art.

Marzipan - Marzipan is a blend of almonds, sugar, egg whites, and rose water. It is most known for being colored and molded into flower and fruit decorations. However, it can also be rolled and used to cover entire cakes.