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White Almond Butter Cake

Almond Butter Cake is the most traditional choice for a wedding. It is made with egg whites, which gives it its beautiful white color, and Atwood’s special blend of almond, butter and vanilla. Because of its flavor notes it is the most versatile wedding cake choice and may be combined with any flavor of icing or filling.

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Our Chocolate Fudge Cake is made with Atwood’s hand selected blend of cocoa. Light yet incredibly rich, it is truly a chocolate lovers dream. Decadent when accented with one of the following fillings: Mocha Latte, Mint Chocolate Chip, French Vanilla.

Old Fashioned Yellow Cake

Our Old Fashioned Yellow Cake is made with egg yolks, giving it a slightly different color and flavor than our Almond Butter Cake. Of course it is made with our blend of almond, butter and vanilla - perfect when filled with Old Fashioned Fudge or Blackberry Brandy.

Carrot Spice Cake

This is one of Grandma Joy’s Favorite Family Recipes. The thick dense cake layers are made with fresh grated carrots, chopped Louisiana pecans, and special spices. It is best enjoyed with our Southern Cream Cheese filling.

Red Velvet Cake

Known as the chocolate cake of the South, Red Velvet Cake is named for its distinctive red color and smooth velvety texture. Buttermilk and cocoa are the foundation of this popular recipe. Ideal when joined with Silky Swiss Fudge, Cherry Jubilee, or Southern Cream Cheese.

Strawberry Cake

Due to it’s delightfully, fruitful strawberry flavor and pink color this cake is a great choice for any spring or summer wedding. A true delight to the palate when combined with: Traditional Southern Buttercream, Louisiana Strawberry, Strawberries n’ Cream, White Chocolate Buttercream. Other fruit flavored cakes include Cherry, Coconut, Lemon, and Pineapple.

Italian Cream Cake

This rich, walnut spice cake, based on an original old world recipe, is a long standing local Italian favorite. It is best when accompanied by any of these fillings: Raspberry Cheesecake, Seedless Raspberry, or Southern Cream Cheese

Southern Butter Pound Cake

This is the ultimate butter cake. It gets its name and dense texture from the traditional proportions of its ingredients; one pound each of butter, sugar, eggs and flour. Pound Cake is best when complimented with intense or unique flavored fillings such as Forest Berry, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Pecan Praline.